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Do you want to experience living and studying in the United States? Not quite sure how to become a foreign exchange student? Studying abroad can be a rewarding and memorable experience that stays with you for a lifetime. Becoming a foreign exchange student with our organization requires a few qualifications to be met. Student applicants are limited to freshman or sophomores enrolled in German language classes at Worthington Senior High School. The applicants will provide parental approval. Each student is required to complete a 4-5 page application. A biography letter conveying their interest in studying abroad. Obtain two letters of reference. An ad hoc committee will review the application submissions and conduct two in person formal interview, after which a scholarship is awarded to the prime applicant. Take note that Worthington-Crailsheim International Inc., will pay for the airline tickets, as well as the current Crailsheim exchange student, to travel to Crailsheim. (4,628 miles!)
Being a foreign exchange student can open up new worlds. Traveling to another country and becoming immersed in a new culture can be a very exciting educational experience. Most foreign exchange students are in high school and their experiences not only help them learn about new cultures, they also establish friendships that may continue for lifetimes. It takes a special kind of person to become a foreign exchange student, since they may be away from home for a n extending length of time, but there are many reasons to do it. Exchange students immerse themselves into new cultures, new languages, and a new way of learning. It’s an exciting adventure that can enrich your entire life, from making lifelong friendships to improving your career opportunities. Becoming an exchange student can be one of the most exciting decisions you will make, and we want to help you make the most of the opportunity. Living with a host family is the most immersive way to spend your time in the U.S. You can enhance your English language skills, while also experiencing American customs and culture on a daily basis. Many international students form lifelong friendships with members of their host families, as the host family helps support and nurture them throughout their study abroad experience. What Is It Like to Be a Foreign Exchange Student? Planning to travel to America to live and study can be extremely exciting. Our best piece of advice is for you to embrace the experience. The feelings of homesickness usually pass, though it helps to stay in touch with your family back home, and also fully immerse yourself into life with your new host family. As a foreign exchange student, you have a unique opportunity to experience life in a completely new culture. Improve Your English Language Skills The best way to learn English is to be fully immersed in the language. Everybody around you will be speaking English, including your teachers. This gives you a great opportunity to practice one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Studying abroad can help narrowly focus a student's attention on the specifics of the native language, to the point where he can understand local expressions and slang. Enhanced Career Prospects Studying abroad showcases your wider global knowledge to potential employers, an international degree can open up a wide range of career paths. Your experience can build critical thinking, develop self-confidence, and offer employers a different perspective. A New Cultural Perspective and Increased Independence It’s likely that you’ll be taken out of your comfort zone while living and studying abroad. You’ll try new foods, and experience new traditions, celebrations, and customs as you adjust to life abroad. It’s not unusual to feel some culture shock in the beginning, but this can help build your confidence, as you become more comfortable in your new country and make new friends. Being a foreign exchange student is a rare experience which few people undertake. One of the most important results of living and studying in another country is the accumulated experiences that help the student understand a different culture. Foreign exchange students often personally benefit from the time they spend in different cultures. It can help broaden their views of their own countries and the rest of the world. Your host family can help you adjust to life in your new environment and explain what you can expect in your new school. Personal Connections In many cases, the foreign exchange student is treated as a new member of the family. This type of family relationship can become a close one, with many foreign exchange students building lifetime bonds with members of their host families. This same often holds true in relationships with their native classmates in the countries they are visiting.
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