Worthington Crailsheim International Inc.
What did you discover about yourself during your exchange? Confidence? Courage? Maybe even a new perspective? Your exchange experience changed you, shaped you and made you the person you are today. Worthington Crailsheim is more than a student exchange, it’s a learning experience of a lifetime. Alumni play a special role in our story. We want to meet our valued alumni in the United States and abroad. We are collecting currant contact information from our foreign exchange student alumni in order to make connections with former friendships and relationships.
How You Can You Stay Involved? CONTACT US Please reach out to us today! - We look forward to hearing from you. STAY CONNECTED ON FACEBOOK Join us on Facebook to stay current on activities. SHARE YOUR STORY As a alumni, your words are stronger than anyone’s. Your story will help a student decide whether he or she wants to study abroad and experience a life-changing international exchange. Upload your exchange pictures and share your story with a student who may want to follow in your footsteps. Worthington Crailsheim is a program that lasts a lifetime. That’s why we’d love to stay in touch with you. Please contact us to ensure that you are receiving alumni news, or with any questions or comments you may have. SHARE YOUR HOME Spending time abroad as an exchange student gave you a unique opportunity for self-discovery. Now is your opportunity to pay the Worthington Crailsheim experience forward. Open your home and heart to host an international student. Families of all shapes and sizes can host students into their homes. As rewarding as your exchange experience was, being a host is equally as rewarding for your entire family.
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